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This page links to the following pages: Get Designing Mobile Interfaces, Preface, Who This Book Is For, What We Mean by “Mobile”, What Is a Pattern?, Where Did These Patterns Come From?, Common Practice Versus Best Practice, Reading the Patterns, Successfully Designing with Patterns and Heuristics, Principles of Mobile Design, Heuristics for Evaluating Mobile Designs, Brainstorming, Workshopping, etc, I - Page, Page, Composition, Wrapper, Scroll, Annunciator Row, Chrome, Notifications, Masthead, Titles, Revealable Menu, Fixed Menu, Chyron, Home & Idle Screens, Lock Screen, Interstitial Screen, Advertising, Back, Page-Wrapup, II - Components, Components, Display of Information, Vertical List, Infinite List, Thumbnail List, Fisheye List, Carousel, Grid, Film Strip, Slideshow, Infinite Area, Select List, Control and Confirmation, Confirmation, Sign On, Exit Guard, Cancel Protection, Timeout, Revealing More Information, Windowshade, Pop-Up, Hierarchical List, Returned Results, Component Wrapup, III - Widget, Widget, Lateral Access, Tabs, Peel Away, Simulated 3D Effects, Pagination, Location Within, Drilldown, Link, Button, Indicator, Icon, Stack of Items, Annotation, Labels and Indicators, Ordered Data, Tooltip, Avatar, Wait Indicator, Reload, Synch, Stop, Information Controls, Zoom & Scale, Location Jump, Search Within, Sort & Filter, Widget Wrapup, IV - Input and Output, Input and Output, Text and Character Input, Keyboards & Keypads, Pen Input, Mode Switches, Input Method Indicator, Autocomplete & Prediction, General Interactive Controls, Directional Entry, Press-and-hold, Focus & Cursors, Other Hardware Keys, Accesskeys, Dialer, On-screen Gestures, Kinesthetic Gestures, Remote Gestures, Input and Selection, Input Areas, Form Selections, Mechanical Style Controls, Clear Entry, Audio and Vibration, Tones, Voice Input, Voice Readback, Voice Notifications, Haptic Output, Screens, Lights, and Sensors, LED, Display Brightness Controls, Orientation, Location, Input and Output Wrapup, Additional Topics, An introduction to mobile radiotelephony, Introduction to Location Technologies, Introduction to NFC, Introduction to Bluetooth, History of Computing, Drawing Tools & Templates, Emulators, Device Detection, Leverage Existing Device Capabilities, Raster Design Tips, Optimize Mobile Performance, Documentation Templates, Design for Accessibility, Color Deficit Design Tools, Other Mobile Pattern Libraries, Introduction to Mobile Typography, Italics and Obliques For Digital Display, Readability and Legibility Guidelines, Typefaces for Screen Display, Greeking, Type for Mobile Devices, Human Factors & Physiology, Conspicuity with Color, Hearing & Limits, Brightness, Luminance, and Contrast, How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices, General Touch Interaction Guidelines, Fitts' Law, Works Cited, Additional Resources, Publishing Information, About the Authors, Safari® Books Online, Acknowledgements, Colophon.