Click here to buy from Amazon. A key overriding principle behind much of this work is the differentiation between common practice and best practice. Although not always explicitly stated, this is what drove activities such as the inclusion of antipatterns (or “worst practices”) for each pattern. There are many, many design patterns that do not work, or do not work as well as alternatives.

This is a key reason so much effort went into researching the patterns. We didn’t include something just because it was heavily used, or is a much-lauded feature of a new and well-covered device; if it was common or well known, but bad, we included it, but with warnings.

This also means, again, that we had some serious discussions about what qualified as a pattern. In general, a pattern must be a best practice, and common enough to be recognized or encountered.

Therefore, there may be some odd cases where an antipattern has general solutions listed, but no specific solutions in the body of the pattern. Though the problem is known, no single solution has emerged.

A best practice that is not implemented anywhere (or only very rarely) is not described, as it does not rise to the level of a pattern. Only real-world items are patterns by our thinking, not clever concepts, demonstrations, or videos of how the future might work. These are, however, sometimes mentioned as future technologies or options to look forward to.

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