Thanks for your help contributing. You are presumably here because you can't figure out how to, though.

First less is that, unlike MediaWiki, there's no tab to edit. Easiest way to get to edit mode is to double-click the page. Yes, the entire page is available when you do that, again unlike MediaWiki. However, double-clicking will scroll you to the point where you clicked, so at least you don't have to scroll to find the edit point you want.

To make a new page, add a link to it. Then follow the link, and click to make the page, etc.

Some help documentation not hosted here, from the guys who made the system:

Discussing, and Scope of Changes

We are writing this to publish it all in a book next year sometime. Instead of waiting, as well as to get information from the community, the information is being posted here.

However, that also means we care a lot about what is being posted, how it is written, how much information changes, and so forth. Please be respectful of the information currently on a page, and of other's edits.

There is no "Talk" page as on WikiMedia. For discussions of points on the page, please add notes. For incomplete pages, with stub headers (see the bottom of this page), you may simply add the notes inline as plain text. Make your note a paragraph (with a blank line above and below) and sign your note with something; I (Steven Hoober) use my three-letter initials, SSH. You can use anything inoffensive.

For completed pages, make sure to pull out your comments as yellow note boxes. Use this code, and just change the part after "DISCUSS:" and before the curly brackets.

{{{#!wiki yellow/solid
DISCUSS: This will be the note - SSH

These will be deleted when the question or comment is resolved. There is some sort of annotation system, which presumably retains history. So we'll work on getting that running later on.

Special Formats for This Wiki

A few more may be added, but mostly I have learned my lesson from the previous wiki, and will try to keep it simple. If anything here is not clear, just ask for details or examples:

Stub Pages

If you make a page, but it's a stub (just notes, or otherwise incomplete), please add the code inside this gray box to the top of the page:

{{{#!wiki yellow/solid
This page is a stub. It's just something to get notes down, and is not final in any way.

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