Click here to buy from Amazon.The way you document, from the choice of tools to the format you use, matters a lot. There are only so many of these codified. In fact, I only know of one other aside from ours that has been actually packaged up so I can link to it. If you know others, please add them.

4ourth Mobile

Outlined at Design for Mobile 2010, and discussed in this blog post. I am cleaning it up... well, I mean to at least. If anyone cares, tell me and I'll get back on it.


A documentation system to produce wireframes, maps, flows, storyboards, plans, style guides, specs, usability testing reports, and prototypes.

They believe in it very solidly, and share not just templates, but video overviews and everything. A few of the training videos, at least, are now paid access items, but most of the system is free.

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