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We put together this wiki as a resource for this book. This site has an extensive number of mobile resources, including research-based frameworks, pattern libraries, drawing tools and templates, and plenty more enlightening mobile stuff. Please check it out!

4ourth Mobile

Yes, I know you are already here. But I couldn't figure out a better way to include every word from the book than to include it, and then make this note.


Originally, this was an unordered list of books that inspired us while we were writing Designing Mobile Interfaces. Now, I've expanded it to include things we missed or forgot to include, things that came out since our book, and have reorganized it by sections.

If you’re new to the field of mobile UI design, or you want to expand on your interests, these books can offer you an excellent source of background knowledge.


Other UX Books

Human Factors, CogSci, Etc.

Our Screenshots

A huge amount of our reference is actually looking at devices, and that includes GPS, TV, and whatever else we could find. For the book, we took around 1,300 screenshots (or, for older or weirder devices, photos). They are all in this group on Flickr here:

Other Pattern Libraries

A list of Other Mobile Pattern Libraries and related online resources is available somewhere else on this wiki.

UI Style Guides

A list of the UI guides for each smartphone OS, and many other items to support design and drawing is under the Drawing Tools & Templates page elsewhere in this Wiki.

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