Click here to buy from Amazon.Between starting the book in September of 2010, and the publication date, a lot of mobile pattern collections have emerged.

I for one actually disagree with the principles behind most of them. Not all, but many. I've talked about this in some presentations, so for the record, too many of these are:

As often happens, someone else said it better than me:

Just because a design looks great doesn't mean it's usable. - James Eggers

Of course, you may disagree. The presence of these is another key reason I am not worried about having too many screenshots in my patterns. There are plenty of others that do this. Enjoy.

Our Ancestors

Animation, Transition and Active Interactions


Codified Pattern Libraries

Screenshot- & Review-Oriented Pattern Collections

iOS-only Patterns

Web-only Patterns

Screenshots From Designing Mobile Interfaces

Anti-Patterns & Worst Practices

What would our jobs be without making fun of others? But really, it's important to recognize bad solutions, and know why they are bad so we can all improve. Here's a couple places that collect bad mobile solutions.

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Discuss & Add

Please do not change content above this line, as it's a perfect match with the printed book. Everything else you want to add goes down here.

Another list to borrow from Eventually, when I get time, I go through gathered up lists like this and put the info in the list above. This one I just found and haven't yet looked at.

What if these were all one place?

Like, if someone made a single markup language for all patterns to use? Not sure, but it's been put forth.

Not Mobile, But Cool


If you want to add examples (and we occasionally do also) add them here.

Make a new section

Just like this. If, for example, you want to argue about the differences between, say, Tidwell's Vertical Stack, and our general concept of the List, then add a section to discuss. If we're successful, we'll get to make a new edition and will take all these discussions into account.

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