Pre-Order for $30

Before I commit to shipping these to lots of people, I'll need at least a dozen orders. You will get it soon, but not tomorrow so be patient. To speed it up, be sure to and have them order one also.

The price is $30 for pre-orders, and will later go up a tidge to account for inaccuracies in my estimation and make it worth my while to keep printing and shipping things to you all. This price includes shipping to US addresses only. I love all of you equally, but shipping for poster tubes seems outrageous, so I may have to charge each country individually, and it may be like $40 or more per! If you want one, contact me and I'll put you on a list and get back to you later.

As we wrote Designing Mobile Interfaces, it seemed obvious that there should be some supporting products to go with it. This wiki is a key part of it, and existed before the book was published even.

Other stuff, like a mobile app to look up patterns is just something we don't have the technical skills to do. And none of this makes big money, so we can't afford to pay a developer. If you want to volunteer, please contact me about it.

One obvious one was a poster, with all the patterns summarized and classified at a glance. People have asked for them from pretty much the day the book was released. And... I could never get it together. Design didn't work, I've been busy, and printing seemed outrageous. Well, I have finally got a decent design, I think, and I can print them myself.

Check out the design, and see the PDF if you want a digital copy. Mobile Design Patterns Poster

Since this content is from the book, it is protected by copyright and trademark, so I can't just make this all CC and let you print yourself. I can't stop you if you have access to a plotter, but the Kinko's guys will notice when it prints that part and get angry with you.

What you will get

Since I print these myself, you get a 24x36" piece of paper. What kind of paper? Not sure. I have fairly plain, hard, heavyweight but not shiny poster-like paper. If not many of you want one, I'll use that, and you can tough it out. If a lot of people want a poster, then I'll buy some sort of shiny photo paper which will be much nicer. But that will be more expensive paper, so you'll really want to get in on the pre-sale, as the final price will go up a couple bucks reflect the more expensive paper more precisely.

The ink is outdoor grade. It's waterproof and fade-proof, so it should last a long time, even if you have one of those nice, light-filled offices. One thing I print with this is maps, which get all wrinkled when you get rained on, but they don't run or tear or anything.

It will come rolled, in a tube. I'd frame or maybe laminate it so it lasts. Don't just stick it on the wall as a piece of paper, unless you want to risk damage and buy another each month. Which really would be fine with me.


Posters are large, so inexplicably expensive to ship. I think I have a trick of using USPS Flat Rate tubes, but part of the pre-sale is actually shipping a few to guarantee the unpleasant people at the Post Office do not yell at me, and charge much more than the online calculators say. They also refuse to estimate anything at the counter, so not until I have bought the supplies and have a poster to ship can I tell for sure what it will cost. Convenient. Yes, I am charging as little as possible again, so don't just have piles of profit to use up with mis-estimates, if you were wondering.

International? Appears to be between $30 and $50 to ship something like this. The length of the tube makes the package large, so it's expensive. If you are interested in paying close to USD75 for this, or would be willing to live with a <em>folded</em> poster (which can fit in a stiff envelope so would be cheap to ship) then tell me about it.

I will not be shipping pre-orders for at least a few weeks. I am waiting on the arrival of shipping supplies and want to gauge interest to tell if I need to buy better paper, and so on.

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