Need intro to computer mediated reality, how augmented reality is just the most common term but is often misapplied, and is just one of a range of techniques. Others are augmented virtuality, mixed reality, etc. There's a better chart than this one around. I want that.

But, conflating to the common term of AR, I have seen enough good stuff that is really pushing the bounds of what we think of as interaction and interface that I think AR also needs a separate and robust set of standards. And with the many projects and many misguided interactions, we need them now.

Most of these are now examples, and are from Jason Haag, who summarized them in a rather good presentation at DevLearn 2013. Others are being added over time.

Introduction & Overview Articles


The chairman of the W3C Working Group on AR Standards has posted a presentation on standards for AR

An article I wrote on AR, HUDs and so forth before Glass came about is available here, and provides a good overview of some basic knowledge, and some links to academic sources to understand why I said what I did:


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