Usually horizontally aligned. Left or right of the text. Yes, reveal items and leaf node icons in the reveal list are this. Others maybe, so go find them.

Good one: Using icons for content type, whether PDF icon or an avatar image, is a type of this... Make this make sense with the list style that describes it already.

NEVER just put text down without link styling or an indicator!


Within any context, an action must be initiated, information submitted, a link followed to more information, or a state change carried out on the current page..


The Indicator pattern is a type of action initiator between a Link and a Button. There is significant overlap between these three patterns, and the Icon pattern; there are some cases where the decision as to which to use is up to consistency and style.

xxxx Between the link and icon. If it has an arrow next to it (iOS loves triangles and GT/LTs), to indicate it goes somewhere, etc. Does not include add-ons (off site icon) if a link. This is for the special case where THIS is the indicator (get it) that there's something the associated text does. xxxx

Always helps explain the text item is actionable, or what sort of action. If the situation calls for hyperlinks, to not use this to avoid underlining, but it can be used in addition, to add further clarity to the link.


Content beyond - Explains whit is beyond. like icon for file type.

Type of action - like pinpoint icon, orrefresh. Usually reinforces the words, not Standalone.

Manner of action - Next / back indictors (see pagination) and alsoto indicate what a non-implying word will do. E.g. in an email, a name w/ a rt. arrow can imply (if the os already supports this) that it will load a page w/ more info, to the 'right'

Interaction Details

Presentation Details