The Book: Designing Mobile Interfaces

Designing Mobile Interfaces: Patterns for Interaction Design is the comprehensive reference for all your mobile design work. Whether you design or develop for smartphones, tablets, or other touchscreen devices, 76 universal interaction and interface patterns are grouped into four categories for easy cross-referencing.

You can read it right here for free, eventually. It's not all imported, so for now check this old terrible wiki.

I've also contributed to, edited, or otherwise worked on a few other books.

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Latest Column: Designing for Progressive Disclosure

4 May 2020

Links are one of the most foundational elements of connected digital technology. They long predate the Web and form the backbone of the whole concept of hypermedia.

This month, I am reviewing the concept of progressive disclosure as an extension of the foundational concept of hypertext/hypermedia, and listing the pros and cons of the most obvious and useful methods to expose more information in your app, website, or other digital touchscreen interface.

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